Would You Rather…? Post 1

Welcome to my first “Would you rather…?” post!

Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show? 

I’d rather never use social media sites and apps. I don’t use them that much anyway and I lived without them till I was 13. TV and Movies on the other hand… I don’t think I could live without being able to watch Harry Potter or a MARVEL film again!

Would you rather be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past?

500 years into the future. I really want to know if hover cars and things like that are a thing or even teleportation and hopefully a cure for cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Would you rather have everything you eat be too salty or not salty enough no matter how much 
salt you add?

Not salty enough as I don’t really like salty things so it wouldn’t be a massive problem.

Would you rather go back to age 5 with everything you know now or know now everything your 
future self will learn?

I think I’d probably like to know everything my future self will learn because I’m pretty sure that means I know how my life will go and there will be no surprises.

Would you rather get one free round trip international plane ticket every year or be able to fly 
domestic anytime for free?

Well see as how a domestic flight for me would be from somewhere like London to Manchester I think I’d rather have one free round trip internationally every year. I could go anywhere and the only thing I’d have to pay for is accommodation and food.

Would you rather be fluent in all languages and never be able to travel or be able to travel 
anywhere for a year but never be able to learn a word of a different language? 

I think I’d rather travel anywhere for a year because theres no point in learning different languages if you can go anywhere. This was quite a difficult one for me because I really wish I was fluent in French but I love to travel to different places and go skiing in the Alps.

Would you rather always be able to see 5 minutes into the future or always be able to see 100 
years into the future?

Probably 100 years into the future. I can wait 5 minutes to see whats going to happen.

Would you rather not be able to open any closed doors (locked or unlocked) or not be able to close 
any open doors?

I’d rather not be able to close doors because I could just get someone else to do it whereas walking around buildings would be a pain if I couldn’t open any door.

Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak? 

Lose the ability to read. Near enough all books have an audiobook version.

Would you rather snitch on your best friend for a crime they committed or go to jail for the crime 
they committed?

This is difficult… I suppose it would depend on the crime. But I suppose I could go to jail and hope they get a really good lawyer to prove I didn’t do it (which shouldn’t be hard seen as how I wouldn’t have done it).

Would you rather know the uncomfortable truth of the world or believe a comforting lie?

I’d rather know the truth in any situation because then something can be done about it if its a bad thing.

Would you rather every shirt you ever wear to be kind of itchy or only be able to use 1 ply toilet paper?

1 ply toilet paper, because it can be folded. Itchy shirts would drive me insane!

Would you rather be forced to eat only spicy food or only incredibly bland food? 

I guess spicy food because I’d get bored of eating bland food.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life with a sailboat as your home or an RV as your home?

An RV because I could travel all over the place and if its across seas, that’s what ferries are for!

Would you rather be hired for a well-paying job that you lied to get and have no idea how to do it or be about to give the most important presentation of your life but you can’t remember any of the material you prepared?

Definitely well-paying job. I wouldn’t be able to cope with doing a presentation I could remember. I was bad enough doing one I could remember.

Would you rather walk around work or school for the whole day without realizing there is a giant brown stain on the back of your pants or realize the deadline for that important paper / project was yesterday and you are nowhere near done?

Probably the deadline for the important paper, I’m to self conscious for it to be the giant brown stain.

Would you rather know all the mysteries of the universe or know every outcome of every choice 
you make?

This ones another difficult one. If I knew all the mysteries of the universe I’d be like Doctor Who! However, knowing the outcome of all my choice would make it easier to live my life. Hmmm… I think I’d have to say mysteries of the universe!

Would you rather eat rice with every meal or eat bread with every meal?

Bread with every meal. Rice is too boring in my opinion.

Would you rather have corporations know all of your computer usage or the government know all of your computer usage?

What’s the difference…?

Would you rather take a vow of celibacy or take a vow of silence?

Vow of silence. I can still write down what want to say.

Would you rather go to a bar, a club, a house party, or just stay home?

A house party at my own house. I can control the music, make my own drinks and food and go to bed when I want or when I get to drunk.

Would you rather lose the ability to hear or lose the ability to walk?

Lose the ability to walk. I love music too much to lose my hearing.

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