My Review of Whitechapel Season 2

This post may contain SPOILERS!! but I will never reveal who the killer is. The second series is about the crime family called the Kray’s. As with season 1 it is a copycat killer that is recreating the murders done be the Kray twins in the 60’s.

This series is, in my opinion, better than the first because the Kray twins were actually caught in the 60s unlike the ripper, so I went into the series hoping that the copycats will be caught to. I also liked this series better because the copycats had people working in the police force and the detective had to figure out who he could trust to help him with the case. Some of the part are quite bloody but given the gruesome nature of some of the murders if it wasn’t bloody it wouldn’t be that realistic. There are some more personal elements of this series where the background of some of the characters are learnt because many of the team are blackmailed by the crime family. One of them is led to “suicide” as a result of the blackmail.

Overall, it is a very dark series with a lot of personal development for some of the characters, bringing out some personal demons in them: drinking, panic attacks etc. As with the first series I think this one flowed very well and didn’t drag it out too long. I can’t wait to watch the next one!

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