My Valentine’s Day (or should I say days)

Valentine’s Day has been and gone. The next thing on everyone’s mind (in the UK) is Mother’s Day! I specify UK because I’ve seen post by my American friends and panicked because I thought it was Mother’s Day. Anyway, I thought I’d share what my boyfriend and I did on Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine’s Day was spread over 3 days. On the actual day (Wednesday), I picked my boyfriend up from work and then cooked him dinner. We had breaded brie for starters, just bought them from the store. I’m not that good of a cook. I follow loads of food pages on Facebook and thought I’d give one of the recipes for homemade chicken strips a try. They actually went really well to say it was my first try. Definitely going to make those again! I made some homemade potato wedges too, courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s recipe. They were great too but after the breaded brie and the chicken we were too full to eat them. So, dessert had to wait.

I gave my boyfriend his present and card. I bought him an Assassin’s Creed dressing gown which he loved! However, it was very static and kept giving him electric shocks and making his hair stand up on end. He hadn’t bought me a present yet, so he just gave me my card.

On Thursday, we went shopping so he could buy me my present. I’ve wanted a Nomination bracelet for a while, so we went to get one. I got to pick the charm. I picked the house with the love heart in it because he asked me to move in with him a few weeks ago and on Valentine’s Day we agreed to start saving for a house to buy together. After we went shopping, I made the dessert that we were supposed to have after out meal: cookie dough cups with caramel ice cream. It was so nice!

The third and final day of my Valentine’s Day’s was Sunday. We went shopping… well I went shopping to buy some more charms for my bracelet. Then he took me out for dinner to Frankie and Benny’s where I had a really great milkshake that had Malteser’s in it.

Hope you all had a great day or few days for Valentine’s!!

P.S. The other bracelet in my picture is the one he bought me for our first Valentine’s together.

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