My Review of Whitechapel Season 1

If you’re into crime dramas that don’t give the killer away straight away Whitechapel is for you. This post may contain SPOILERS!! but I will never reveal who the killer is. I will post my review of the other season’s as I watch them. The first series is about a Jack the Ripper copy-cat killer in 2008 London.

Episode 1

A new Detective Inspector (DI) has been assigned to the squad to help solve and over-see what he thought was a straight forward case of a domestic assault gone too far. When the police report is released in the news a “crazy” Ripperologist (someone who looks into Jack the Ripper and makes it their life’s work) claims to know everything about the killing. However, he describes the killing of the second Ripper victim, that just so happens to be identical to the murder the squad are working on.

He tells the squad to look for a case that was similar to the very first Ripper victim because he thinks there is a copy-cat killer on the loose. The squad think he’s mental but the DI looks into it and finds a woman that has the same wounds but fortunately wasn’t dead. The rest of the squad thinks the new DI is stupid for believing the Ripperologist, even more so when he makes them stake out the location of the third Ripper victims area just in case there is another killing. They hear a blood-curdling scream come from a few roads away and go to check it out. There they find the third victim of the copy-cat.

My Opinions of Episode 1:

I’ve watched many crime dramas that are an hour long and have taken so long to actually get to the investigation of the murder. Then its solved in like 10 minutes and the episode is over. This was not like the others, the investigation started straight away and there was always more information to find out. It gets you thinking, from the get go, who the killer is because the suspects they have all have very good motives but they also have very good alibis and it is impossible for them to be the killer. But it still makes you think they might be the killer.


Episode 2

After the third killing the rest of the squad realise the copy-cat is real and actually starts listening to the DI and Ripperologist. So, they attempt to research all the conspiracies and myths to try and stop the next double murder that’s coming. A double murder which some conspiracy theorists believe to be one murder by the ripper and one that was just a coincidence.

The squad are put in place at both sites of the killings with police everywhere when the Ripperologist is caught hiding trying to catch the copy-cat himself. He causes a big enough distraction that the real ripper to dump the body of the fourth victim in the square. The Detective Sergeant thinks the Ripperologist is in on the killings so they get a warrant and go to his house and find all his research. They find out he has a website with people that comment on it and talk to him about the real Ripper. From that they found that there was a guy who commented on it more than others and assume he must be the killer but he was just called RipperFan on the forum so was basically anonymous. In the last scene, the DS gets sent half the kidney of the 4th victim in the post with a letter identical to the original sent by the real Jack the Ripper.

My Opinions of Episode 2:

About half way through this episode I thought it was the Ripperologist that was the killer. When he was arrested before the fourth murder that theory went out the window. So I gave up trying to guess because I had no clue who it could be. I did think it could have been the Detective Sergeant at one point, but that’s just because the character is played by someone I’ve seen play a lot of bad guys in the past.


Episode 3

The copy-cat must kill one more victim to complete the cycle of his re-enactment of Jack the Rippers killings. The Ripperologist claims that the final ripper victim wasn’t a ripper victim after all because she was the only one killed inside and not outside. He claimed this to try and deter the ripper from killing his final victim.

The DI found a clue and it took him to some council flat where he ran into the copy-cat and was nearly killed. But a woman walked in and the copy-cat ran away. They got a warrant for his flat and found a lot of ripper memorabilia and a picture of the fifth and final victim. They had met her before in the hospital and went to find her and where she lived to save her.

I’m going to leave the plot there and let you watch the rest for yourself. No amount of words could describe the tension in the last 15 minutes of this episode (well not from me anyway) but it was definitely worth the wait and I did not expect the killer.

My Opinions of Episode 3:

The final episode was very quick moving but was easy to follow and it didn’t feel like I had watched an hour when I had finished it. But that was in a good way. I wasn’t sat there thinking I wish this would end already and get to the killer.

The season flowed really well from episode to episode. Nothing was left unanswered and each episode followed on so it doesn’t feel like you’ve missed anything between them. The final episode ended on a semi-cliff-hanger as all crime dramas do, meaning the last bit was the squad going to a new murder scene. All in all, I think it was a great season.

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